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UFC 238 Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights.

Petr Yan is up first.

-Says he is ready to fight for the title.

-Thinks Cejudo only wants to fight “the old guys” (in reference to Garbrandt, Cruz & Faber). Says he is young & hungry and eager to fight for the belt.

-If he does not fight for the title, wants to fight any big name like Garbrandt, Cruz or Faber.

Dana White is up next 

  • Attendance:16,083
  • Gate 2.03 million 
  • Fight of the night: Tony vs Cerrone 
  • POTN bonuses: Shevchenko and Cejudo
  • 6 fighters hospitalized: Muhoz, Lamas, Sterling, Cerrone & Eye

-Cowboy has an orbital fracture *Yikes*

-Tony deserves all the credit for the fight he fought, just sucks that he landed the blow after the bell saying “It happens sometimes”.

-Tony’s next fight doesn’t matter yet as we still have Khabib vs Poirier in September.

-“Shevchenko is a beast!”

-Blown away by Cejudo’s performance. “I will never doubt that kid again!”

-Cejudo had no legs left. Thought it was 10-12 leg kicks left from being stopped.

-Dana says in response to Cejudo’s hit list “Cruz is injured, Faber is old & Cody… got it”.

-Dana confirms that the flyweight division is sticking around.

-On Cerrone’s injury: “Anybody who thought Cowboy should have continued to fight tonight should be beaten with a stick… I think they made the right decision. He knows he should have never blown his nose. He’s lucky both of his eyes didn’t swell up”.

-Dana says Cejudo can fight at flyweight “for as long as he can make the lighter weight”.

-Dana says you need to be realistic with Cejudo saying he is the GOAT “You’ve got Jon Jones out there, Khabib has never lost… look at the guys they have run through”.

-Dana has found some land to build a performance institute in Mexico City.

-Dana confirms that Vancouver may be getting a UFC card in September.

-Amanda Nunes wants to fight Cyborg again but according to Dana, Cyborg does not want to fight Nunes.

-“ESPN deal is massive and has no idea how anyone could have doubted that… and it’s only been 5 months. Imagine what it will be like in 3 years”.

-In response to a tweet from Cyborg, if she wants to fight Nunes again at 145, “it’s there”.

 Valentina Shevchenko is up next.

-Shevchenko is ready for another fight. Possibly in 3-4 months time.

-Shevchenko was concerned about Jessica Eye once the fight was over.

-Shevchenko would like to fight on the same card as her sister next time.

Tony Ferguson is up next.

“My true fans know how I am doing… I am very thankful to have a fanbase that cares”.

-I called Cowboy “Coach” in the cage afterward.

-I don’t think he wants to fight again.

“I don’t know what I have to do in this division [to get a title shot]”

-“Tiramisu needs an ass whooping. McNuggets for a money fight or whatever. I know the division misses him. I know he probably does to… you’re an athlete man… Fucking keep competing”.

-“Feels like I have not peaked yet… I feel like I am getting better… and hold onto that title for a long long time”.

“I don’t care how many wins I have…I don’t feel like I ever lost my belt. If I lost tonight, I would have brought Cerrone a belt”

-Tony says Poirier needs to get his back off the ropes. Once you get your back against the cage, Khabib is going to take you down, double leg you, mount you like that dummy and play smash and grab. If I was to fight Khabib, I would guarantee you I would throw him his feet to his back and beat him like in sambo. As far as McNuggets goes, I respect him as an athlete but as a person, he’s a douche.

Marlon Moraes is up next.

-Says he will be back & will “Knock that door again”.

-Nothing to say about the stoppage.

-He says he has to go back and train and get back in the cage.

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