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PFL Announces Fights For Their 4th and 5th Events Of The Year

Last night during the PFL broadcast of their heavyweights and light heavyweights, the PFL announced the matchups for the next few events.

The next three events will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

4th Event

The 4th PFL event of the year will feature the women’s lightweights (4) and the men’s welterweights (6). Sadibou Sy will take on Glaico Franca, both gentlemen scoring first round finishes in the first round. The card will also feature Kayla Harrison who owns 3 PFL points, fighting Morgan Frier who lost her previous fight to Sarah Kaufman.

5th Event

The PFL’s 5th Event will feature the lightweights (6) and the featherweights (4) once again. With Chris Wade coming off a good decision win, taking on Akhmed Aliev who scored a first round knock out in his first fight against Carlo Silva. The card will also feature Andre Harrison taking on Movlid Khaybulaev who holds the PFL record for fastest knock out in his last fight against Damon Jackson. Jackson has not been cleared to fight in the second round and will be replaced by Jesse Ronson. Ronson fought in the UFC back in 2013-2014 losing all three of his fights with the promotion by split decision.

The 4th event will take place on July 11th while the 5th will be on July 25th. The PFL can be seen on ESPN or the ESPN+ app.



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