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Is The PFL The Next Big Thing in MMA ?

Ray Sefo has done a great job building the PFL up to the million dollar machine it is today. A new interesting aspect that Sefo brought to MMA is a points system. Witch awards fighters more points for finishes. With the losing fighter reviving 0 points. Also introducing multiple weeks, that give fighters who lose their first fight, other chances to comeback and get into the finals tournament.

Million Bucks

The most positive thing about fighting in the PFL has to be the million dollar payout though. Speaking to multiple fighters, we have been told that other then the UFC ( for exposure) the next best thing these days is the PFL. For the chance to win a million dollars and possibly change their life’s. In a sport especially, where the status quo is for the fighters to be under paid.

Top Talent

The PFL has worked extremely had at signing top level talent. With Lance Palmer, Chris Wade, Vinny Magalhaes, Sarah Kaufman, Kayla Harrison, and Ray Cooper III, they have build a stable of superstars to sell their brand on. Every single event they put on is great from top to bottom.

Signing with ESPN

Signing with ESPN brought the PFL directly to the top of the MMA world. The UFC broke ground with MMA as a sport when they signed with ESPN in 2018. They would have had an entire audience (ESPN) to themselves being the only MMA program signed with them at the time. When the PFL also signed with ESPN, they made it so that the PFL and the UFC would be looked at on the same level by that specific audience.

Next Event

The next PFL event will be the light heavyweights and the heavyweights. They return back to Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York on June 6th. The card will be headlined by Vinny Magalhaes and Emiliano Sordi.



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