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R.D.A Responds To McGregors Tweet

We May Finally Get To See The Long Awaited “Red Panty Night”?

by EVil Eddie,

In the prime of the Conor McGregor hype in 2016 after a 13 second win over former UFC / WEC Champion Jose Aldo, it was set for RDA to get a go at McGregor but unfortunately a broken foot would derail the heated match up. Fast forward a few years and these two verbally collide once again over Twitter that has fans anxiously waiting for who McGregor will fight next between Cowboy, RDA, Diaz or even a rematch with Khabib.

Things may not be as intense as they once were for the McGregor train but make no mistake, whoever signs that next fight contract will make tons of cash and the fans will still flood the gates from all over the planet for a chance to witness one of the most entertaining athletes in the world push forward and possibly make history once again.

McGregor has lost some steam in the eyes of a lot of fans but let’s be real, Conor is only on a one fight losing streak however with the shadow of the MayMac fight in everyone’s mind it seems as tho Conor’s on a losing streak even if he was 0-0 as a boxer taking on the best of our generation inside the ring and an undefeated Khabib inside the octagon.

If there is one thing that’s been a constant for Mcgregor it’s how he entertains and turns up the risk fight after fight but this also may have been apart of his small downfall in the last three years. Some believe Conor’s behaviors have gotten out of control between the arrests or showing up drunk days before his fight with Khabib. We can only hope that McGregor is going back to his roots and having more self discipline moving forward because any MMA die hard will tell you that a fighters only as good as his last three fights and if Conor losses this next fight he will be 1/3. Those are stats we wouldn’t believe if we heard that back in 2015 yet this is a brutal sport and when you challenge yourself the way McGregor has by moving up in weight or trying his hand in a new sport against the very best on the planet a loss will always be a loss.

RDA is now gaining momentum even if he no longer holds the lightweight championship title and if these two continue to throw wood into the fire pit we may actually see the original “Red Panty Night” that had the entire scene in an uproar!

Comment below and let us know who you think Conor McGregor will fight next or if you think he will ever even fight inside the octagon again after making over $100 Million in the boxing scene.

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