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How to Rise

by Danielle DeVor

This isn’t exactly MMA related. Well, it can be applied to MMA, but it fits other things just as easily. So, bear with me.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, had to go through multiple surgeries, lost my ability to bear children, and then my hair to chemotherapy, I felt like I was pretty much the farthest down I could go. Didn’t help that some people treat you like a leper. Didn’t help that people stare because you look different than you used to. It’s blatantly obvious that you will never be the same again and it sucks. So, what do you do?

Anytime you fail at something, the world is a hostile place. Whether you lose a fight, fail a test, release a project you think will be epic and it bombs, the feeling is the same. You’ve face-planted the road of life. Now what?

Personally, I’ve never been the type to just lay down and take it. I have that Eastern European sensibility. That tendency to give the finger to anything or anyone that mistreats me. So, I made a choice. I was going to rise from this state and be something else. As cliche as it might be, reinvent myself.

So, how could a fighter apply thia mentality to their life? Well, whether its a career ending injury, or just losing a fight, the only person that is really going to pick you up when you’re down is you. Sure, friends might say supportive things or help you go to doctor’s appointments. But, ultimately, its you that.makes the choice to not let this thing, whatever it is, destroy you.

And no, it’s not easy. But, make yourself busy. Get involved in new things..Follow a dream you never had the guts to explore before. Life changes. You change. But you are only hopeless if you’re dead.




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