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MMA Personalities Who Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

Nick Diaz

By Danielle DeVor

Since we’ve had a few fighters move from professional wrestling and vice versa, I thought it would be interesting to make a run down of current and former MMA fighters who would be interesting professional wrestlers based on their personality in and out of the cage.

5. Uriah Faber

While small in stature, his California boy vibe would do well as a “good guy”. He wouldn’t be the first short professional wrestler. Rey Mysterio is 5’6.

4. Clay Guida

With his speed and dancing moves, he would be a natural for showmanship.

3. Nick Diaz

His bad boy attitude and all-around badass persona would make for an interesting presence anywhere he goes.

2. Bas Rutten

His acting experience and his accent make him a classic to be a stereotypical adversary.


  1. Jason “Mayhem” Miller

With his awesome entrances, his capacity for getting fans excited in what he does, and his personality, he could really make a go of it.

No matter what, there is money to be had in professional wrestling. These days, maybe more than what is available in the UFC with the lack of sponsorship availability. The only problem is, and I am sure is something that people that have made the switch have talked about, is if that would hurt their real fighting legacy. The only true answer is “maybe”.

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