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Nate Diaz Off UFC Rankings!

If a fighter is inactive for two or three years should they remain in the UFC rankings?

Well today we finally got an answer to this question after years of debating with fans and fighters, as Nate Diaz was officially removed from the top 15 rankings of the Lightweight division. It’s been close to 3 years since we last saw Diaz step inside the octagon. In fact the last time he made the walk was on August 20th, 2016 at UFC 202 in the rematch vs Conor McGregor.

Diaz was actually set to fight current Lightweight Interim Champion Dustin Poirier a few months back but unfortunately we never saw this fight take place due to an injury from Poirier.

Like many fighters in the UFC like Stipe Miocic, Diaz was waiting for a third fight vs McGregor after a very close decision that some fans say was a controversial, crooked loss to McGregor. After being paid millions of dollars it’s hard for fighters to find the motivation to get back inside the cage for half or a fourth of what they previously made so it comes to no surprise why Nate had no issue waiting for McGregor to take on a third fight.

We all know the UFC ranking system doesn’t really mean much in this new era of the company when we’ve seen fighters ranked 8th get a title fight like we witnessed when Bisping was granted his redemption fight vs Dan Henderson at UFC 204 in October of 2016. Henderson was ranked 8-10th in the Middleweight division at the time. Also if you look at how the rankings work and who is actually behind them you’ll realize how ridiculous the ranking system really is.

There are now rumors going around social media saying that Diaz is leaving the UFC and wants to fight for BKFC but let’s be real…. why would Nate fight for 100k in a promotion that’s brand new and nowhere as big as the UFC when there is no doubt that there will be a rubber match between him and McGregor even if he isn’t ranked!

Below is my take on the situation and rumors going around the MMA scene when this news broke earlier this morning!

What are your thoughts on the UFC Rankings and should Fighters be removed if they are not active for 2 years? Comment below. On social media or on YouTube!
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