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Should MMA stars be considered heroes?

By Danielle DeVor

There are many MMA fans who got into the sport by way of watching Mayhem Miller host Bully Beatdown. The weekly show combined MMA with the idea that you could get back that the bullies in your life. There really wasn’t a better gimmick for a show. Added to the fact that it was full of real Mixed Martial Artists, it was no wonder that the show was a hit. Jason Miller had the personality to carry it all in droves.

The problem, of course, is the same one that exists on all levels of the entertainment industry. You place people on a pedestal, just to wait for the moment when they topple from grace. There is no account for the mental health of the person that has been placed on the pedestal. No caring on what happens to them.

Combined with MMA where there is no retirement. No long-term medical care. And this whole thing is a recipe for disaster.

A hero is supposed to be someone who goes above and beyond to save or help someone else. But, somehow, those lines have gotten blurred over the years to where fantasy is giving an idealized version of a hero instead of the real thing.

If you ask any fighter if they want to be a hero, they will likely be very uncomfortable. Then say something along the lines of hoping that what they do inspirers other people to do the things they are good at and figure out how to make a living at it.

So, MMA stars being heroes? It’s a bad idea. Not because many of them aren’t good people. But because the fight world is not conducive to the real definition of a hero. The better choice? Fighters are leaders. Leaders of a group of people who strive to me something more than they are right at this moment.

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