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What Does This Suspension Mean For TJ Dillashaw?

Today TJ Dillashaw was suspended by USADA, for failing an in competition drug test. His suspension is said to be two years long. He will be able to fight again on January 19th 2021. Dillashaw did not contest the decision.

He popped for a EPO, witch is used to stimulate the bodies production of red blood cells. Therefore increasing oxygen transport and aerobic power.

He revived the maximum punishment because EPO’s are one of the worst things to pop for. It’s only available by injection, so it’s impossible to blame on a “tainted substance”. It’s almost like he is caught red handed in this situation.

At the Olympic level, EPO’s require a 4 year ban. Lucky for Dillashaw that USADA is a bit more lenient. Being as though Dillashaw will not be able to hide from this and return to MMA, there is a big chance we see him retire because of this. If he did return he would be 35 years old and everyone would question his respectability. Fans will ask the question “how are we to know he wasn’t on this when he beat Cody”. Witch is true, Dillashaw loses all credibility in getting to the belt because of this suspension. He only has a few options going forward. One of them being to retire and try to let everyone forget about this.



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