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McGregor Retirement Fake– As Expected

by Danielle DeVor

As was suspected, Conor McGregor will be returning to the octagon. It is apparent that organizations are going to have to make some type of rule in their contracts reguardinf retirement and using it as a bargaining chip in contract negotiations.

This being the second time McGregor has pulled this particular stunt, that brings the issue to the forefront. Granted, its nothing new, but it is making retirement a farce.

Fans will get tired of it. We, as a viewing public, tend to honor fighters when they retire. It’s a rite of passage after all. But when fighters start using it as a pawn on a chess board, retirement loses its meaning and impact.

McGregor should consider this the last time he uses this particular ploy. Everyone suspected this time was fake anyway. Next time, he will likely lose many more fans.



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