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Mike Davis Wants Zabit As UFC debut

Mike Davis, who won his last fight in March for Island Fights , recently spoke with Pure Evil’s own Michael Lynch. Mike Davis has a 7-1 pro MMA record, and looks to be right on the cusp of getting into the UFC.

When asked who he wants to fight, he said Zabit with confidence. He feels that his skill level is already on par with some of the best in the UFC. The UFC will likely not give him Zabit unless a short notice situation. Zabit is in the top ten in the featherweight division. It is on the rarest occasions that someone has their UFC debut against a top ten opponent. Honorable mentions are Craig White when he stepped in on short notice to fight Neil Magny. Also recently Ben Askren who took on Robbie Lawler in his debut.

Knowing that the Zabit fight is far fetched, he puts the entire UFC roster on notice. He says he feels comfortable fighting at featherweight, lightweight or welterweight for the UFC.

Davis states that if he does not hear from the UFC by May he will start to explore options such as PFL and Bare Knuckle FC. He says those are the big money organizations in today’s MMA, and he needs to provide for his family. With 7 finishes out of 7 wins, he has “big draw” written all over him. There are exciting fights for him in each organization, but as we all know the UFC is the cream of the crop for MMA.

As a UFC fan it would be great to see Davis make his debut against a Joe Duffy or Andre Fili. Zabit would be a very exciting fight, but Duffy and Fili are two big names who are not ranked and recently fought. Perfect candidates for Davis to fight sometime this summer.



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