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Fighters React To McGregor Drama (Real Or Fake?)

Last week the entire world erupted after Conor McGregor tweeted out that he was retiring from the UFC. People who don’t even watch MMA we’re debating if this was serious or if Conor was trolling once again in an attempt to gain leverage and make a point to the UFC after being offered a co main event spot. So what are the fighters all thinking about this?

Former UFC Fighter and Ultimate Fighter Season 10 first pick James McSweeney went live on Gloves Off Podcast with EVil Eddie to share his reaction and answer if McGregor was serious and dissects both sides of the story and get to the bottom of why he would tweet out his retirement.

So is McGregor actually retiring or not…. find out in the latest episode of Gloves Off down below!


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Owner Of Professional Broadcasting Graduate with 23 years of experience. Host Of the Multi Year Nominated Podcast “Pure EVil MMA” and lead singer of “THIS IS LIFE” Hardcore Band our of New Haven Connecticut.

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