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Proof Conor McGregor Is Trolling You!

Earlier this week news broke that shook our entire scene when Conor McGregor tweeted out that he was retiring from “The Sport Formally Known As Mixed Martial Arts”.

People who don’t even watch the sport were discussing this and wondering if McGregor is actually serious about retiring. However this isn’t the first time McGregor has retired in a tweet so most fans are taking it with a grain of salt.

When you look at how GSP retirees recently by reaching out to his entire team and past coaches, training members and then look at how Conor threw out a random message over a social media application it only starts to look more and more suspicious.

So what would be the reason behind him saying this you might ask?

Well that’s what everyone is wondering since Dana White said only a week ago on ESPN that they had plans for Conor to return by the summer and they would wait for the winner of Dustin vs Max before announcing who McGregor would be fighting. Then there was also rumors of a fight with Cowboy for the last two months after Conor himself verbally agreed to entertaining the idea of a fight, however the idea went sour when someone told McGregor they would be a co main event.

Was that a sign of the UFC trying to put McGregor in his place due to all the recent arrests he’s had including accusations of him having another child with a random woman from a one night stand. Unfortunately there have been a lot of negative headlines so was that the reason for the UFC to lowball McGregor?

Or does Conor want to retire because he’s financially set for the rest of his life after making $100 million from his fight with Mayweather ontop of his new venture into the liquor business that has been a huge success since being released. Well I spoke with host of Gloves Off and former UFC/ TUF10 fighter James McSweeney about this and he was quick to answer how the thirst to fight isn’t taken away because your financially secure. Look at BJ Penn as an example or more recently Chuck Liddell…. Conor is arguably in his prime and still very young so this doesn’t add up.

Below is all the proof we need to convince you that Conor McGregor is Trolling is all with his recent tweet!

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