Fighters React To McGregor Drama!

This week the biggest news inside the MMA scene was clearly surrounding Conor McGregor’s recent tweet on retiring from the UFC after going on Jimmy Fallon Late Show where he even stated that he was aiming to return by this summer.

So how are fighters reacting to this news? How would a fighter go about retiring? Would they tweet it out? Or would they do what we recently saw GSP do where he reached out privately to all his current and past coaches and even training partners?

Well UFC and TUF 10 Veteran Hames McSweeney did a special upload Podcast with EVil Eddie on their hit podcast “James McSweeneys GLOVES OFF” where he reacts to the recent drama that everyone’s discussing and answers why McGregor may be taking this rout for leverage over the UFC after being offered a Co-Main event vs Cowboy and also dealing with a lot of negative press between his affair with Dee Devlin, smashing a Fans phone, alleged sexual assault and everything else we’ve witnessed since UFC 223 dolly incident at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

James also touches on the positive sides of McGregors life with being financially stable after the recent success of making $100 Million for his fight with Mayweather and now his latest business venture in the Whisky business.

Check out what James McSweeney thinks below in the video and also for our podcast lovers we have the links to the iTunes and Spotify pages!




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