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Does “Retiring” boost your fighting stock?

As GSP once said “fighting is like the stock market”. Big money fights only come between big money fighter. How big your name is as a fighter solidifies how much stock goes into you. It has been proven in many cases before that when fighters retire, their return fight normal does insanely well.


Tyson Fury retired a few years back. After making his return he would go on to fight Wilder in one of the biggest fights of his career. It will go down as a heavyweight super fight and was certainly the biggest paying of both men’s career.

GSP also had himself a come back here recently. Even though he has made plenty of money in his lifetime, this would surly be a great addition. He fought against Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship in his return fight. Also on the card TJ Dillashaw defeated the champion Cody Garbrandt, and Rose Namajunas defeated Joanna the champion. As all three champions would fall in one night making it one for the ages.

Floyd Money Mayweather also made himself a come back when he took on Manny Pacquiao. Floyd was known as a boring fighter to most. His style being mainly defensive and never really going for finishes. Everyone believed that Pacquiao was going to be the one to take down Floyd. When Floyd retired before fighting Manny the boxing community was outraged. It made his return so much bigger.

Conor McGregor

McGregor has recently been in the news for retiring from “mixed martial art”. It’s hard to believe since he already formally “retired” once before. As he also fails to put the s on “mixed martial arts”. McGregor is a business man. It’s very possible that he has made enough money and wants to look at things other then fights. The thought has to be present though , that maybe he just wants to build a really big fight for his return.

The other end

The other end to coming back to a big fight, is taking too much time off. Although it has a lot to do with his age B.J Penn is a perfect example of why you don’t retire, wait crazy long , then try to make a come back. He had 3 straight losses from 2011-2014 that led him to retire. He waited 3 years to return against a young and hungry Yair Rodríguez. He got dismantled in that fight along with losing a decision to an old Dennis Siver and being submitted by Ryan Hall since returning.

All about the money

The day in age when people just wanted to see who was better is truly over. Today’s MMA is in the entertainment era. Money drives all the fighters so they will begin to do what they have to do to make these fights bigger. Will “Michael Jordan like retirements” be the future of MMA?

Written By : Michael Lynch




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