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UFC London Recap Show

Welcome back to another episode of Pure EVil MMA Podcast. On today’s program we reach episode 209 and relive the best moments that everyone took away from UFC London Saturday afternoon at the O2 arena.

In the main event Jorge Masvidal put the works in on Darren Till who was recently coming off his only loss to the Welterweight Champion at the time T-Wood.

However the talk of the night was surrounding the fight backstage between Leon Edwards and Masvidal. Masvidal was doing a backstage interview when he was coming fronted by Edwards. Masvidal, with his Adrenalin fresh off a fight he had moments ago, didn’t think twice about approaching Edwards and seeing if he was really TTD (Ten Toes Down). Masvidal erupted with a 3 piece combo that opened up a nasty cut below the left eye of Edwards as seen below.

EVil Eddie relives the madness that occurred and also dives into the recent headlines surrounding Conor McGregor smashing a Fans phone, Tony Ferguson restraining ordered allegations and much more!

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    Owner Of Professional Broadcasting Graduate with 23 years of experience. Host Of the Multi Year Nominated Podcast “Pure EVil MMA” and lead singer of “THIS IS LIFE” Hardcore Band our of New Haven Connecticut.

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