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PROOF Sage Northcutt Lied On Below The Belt!

This past week it was brought to my attention that Sage Northcutt was called out for lying in a recent interview he did on “Below The Belt” saying “It sounds crazy but the only kind of training Iv ever had is like the past year of training at Urijah Fabers… like any kind of MMA training at all.”

The comment section went absolutely insane after seeing this clip on the “Below The Belt” Instagram page and reached the ears of Sages former coaches like Sam Hoger Of TUF 1 and Chris Mango Of Gracie Barra.

After Sage was called out for this you would think he would apologize and correct what was said and give respect where it is due but nope it got even deeper when his brother came to his side defending what was said. (pic below)

I had to get to the bottom of this and find out what was really going on here and why Sage would completely out his entire history with Sam Hoger and Chris Mango.

I first spoke with Chris Mango who told me that Sage had all the tools and training partners he needed and even guys who went out of their way for him to help get ready for a fight. Mango also told us that Sage didn’t take advantage of the help that was given and mentioned a recent incident where Oliver Aubin-Mercier came down from Tri Star to help him and Sage didn’t even show up.

Chris Mango made it very clear that Sage trained with him for his first 6 professional fights and there was a cage where he was trained to improve in all areas of his MMA skills. Mango felt extremely disrespected by this interview and was even more surprised that Sage did not correct his mistake but instead ignored it completely after all the time and energy Gracie Barra put into the young fighter from a young age up until his sixth professional fight.

I then got a second source to confirm what Mango had said to us when I spoke with TUF 1 Veteran Sam Hoger who completely backed up what Mango said and even added how he felt that Sage may have just been speaking without thinking or someone was telling him what to say to help build his brand now that he is with a new promotion.

Below is the entire interview with Sam Hoger proving that what Sage said was completely false and many people felt very disappointed after going out of their way to help Sage get to where he is now.

Audio Podcast Interview :

iTunes Link (Click Here)

Podbean Link (Click Here)



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