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That Time I Went to New Orleans for Fight Night 25 by Danielle DeVor

I once won tickets to a UFC fight. Specifically, I won a contest from Bud Light for the Fight Night 52: Battle of the Bayou (2011). So, my father and I flew down to New Orleans for what would be one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve shared with my dad as well as one of the highlights of my life. It would mark my first, and so far, only UFC fight I have seen in person and I loved every minute of it.

The most memorable fight was not the headliner with Jake Ellenberger and Jake Shields when Shields got knocked out in less than a minute of the first round. No, the most memorable fight, in my opinion, was with Matt Riddle and Lance Benoist. Why? Because Riddle walked into the cage with a mane of blond hair and walked out after losing the decision with a head of hair stained red from blood.

While I’ve seen numerous broken eye sockets and horrible cuts, that blood dyed hair remains the thing that is so vivid in my mind that it’s the item I bring up when I’m asked what it’s like to see a live UFC event. And, given the fact I’m a horror film addict, that says something about the impact it made on me.

There’s also this cool story about my dad giving his DAV (Disabled American Veterans) hat to Mark Munoz and Ryan Bader being upset because he wanted the hat, but that’s a story best told by my father.

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