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Refresh Your Energy With Adam Meredith!

Today on Pure EVil MMA Podcast we are joined once again by Pro MMA fighter Adam Meredith who has recently made some amazing changes in his life that a lot of people always say they want to do but never pull the trigger on.

Coming back from a road trip where Adam one day just made the move to rent a van and hit the road for a few weeks traveling to scenic destinations while sharing his journey on his Instagram, he links up with Pure EVil MMA owner EVil Eddie to share his experience.

We see a lot Of times in this sport or life in general where people feel like they are trapped, afraid or unable to just travel to a place they have always wanted to see it even just catch some peace of mind by the adventure alone. Adam shares how refreshing this felt to do physically and most importantly, mentally.

There are so many people who feel depressed and end up going to a doctor to seek help only to find themselves in line at a pharmacy after just 45 mins of talking with a complete stranger. This day and age we are becoming more aware of the dangers and unraveling the true meaning behind our own demons and the way we feel that can’t be fixed or don’t need to be fixed with drugs. Some people do need this help but for some it’s as simple as hitting the road alone and experiencing life from a new angle.

Throughout Adams trip we were able to see this effect on him between the live streams where he is sitting by the water expressing his emotions and epiphany’s while taking in his beautiful surroundings and hearing the waves crashing ashore.

I had to reach out to Adam to ask if he would join our program and share his adventure and the fruits of being able to take a mental health trip over shoving antidepressants down his throat that have been prescribed by a complete stranger that knows nothing about what lies within his soul that may feel an ache or pain.

Below is the video interview with Adam Meredith discussing his adventure and we get into CBD and real life struggles that we can heal ourselves.

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