UFC 235 RECAP SHOW w MMA Legend Houston Alexander!!!!!!!

HE IS BACK!!!! We have a treat for MMA FANS!!! Surprise guest Houston Alexander just called in randomly wanting to discuss UFC 235 and breakdown the main card controversies to give insight as a vet and share what was possibly going through these fighters minds and the ref calls. This was not scheduled to go down but luckily I was on the studio couch eating Chinese and drinking whisky when I saw my phone light up saying that the legend Houston Alexander was calling into talk to the Pure EVil MMA community!

We discuss the main event between Jon Jones and Smith while trying to figure out why Smith wasn’t able to pull the trigger threw five rounds and relive the illegal knee that was flagged for 2 points over having the fight called off as a “DQ”. We also discuss the co main event between T-Wood and Usman, where we saw a five round destruction of the former champion. Alexander gives his take on what may have happened with T-Wood and why he wasn’t able to get off any strikes or control time on Usman. Lastly we discuss Lawler vs Askren being called off by Herb Dean and the mindset these fighters feel during a fight inside the octagon for the first time.

Check out the video and podcast interview links below:



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