Houston Alexander Shocking Untold Story!

Today on Pure EVil MMA we welcome legendary Fighter Houston Alexander whos been in some of the biggest promotions in our sports history including the UFC. Bellator, KSW, and has been apart of so many unforgettable fights including his 48 seconds win vs Keith Jardine in what was on one the biggest upsets of all time back at UFC 71. Alexander goes on to share some never before told stories about his fight vs Kimbo Slice and his experience backstage with the youtube phenomenon.

Not many fighters are able to get back on their feet after their fighting career but for Houston Alexander its the exact opposite! Alexander was always an artists at a young age along with experimenting as a Hip Hop disk jockey also played apart as an influential Graffiti artist before evert stepping foot inside a cage. Hear his story and see what he has been up to in the past few years since we last saw him in the cage.

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