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Askren vs. Lawler at UFC 235 by Danielle DeVor

Ben Askren is about to make his debut in the UFC. He was dominant at One Championship, but this will be the first time he will be up against the caliber of fighters at the UFC. Regardless of your opinion of Ben Askren, it will be interesting to see how things go on Saturday in his fight against Robbie Lawler.

Robbie Lawler is known for vicious knock outs and an energetic style, which is completely opposite of Askren. Askren, with his dominating wrestling talent is a force for sure. But, can his stand-up game counter Lawler’s style? I don’t know. Wrestling is for sure Askren’s shining glory, but the fact remains that he is not known for his standup game. So, this should be an interesting matchup.

I am rooting for Askren Saturday night. Why? Because wrestling is an important component of Mixed Martial Arts and it doesn’t get a lot of attention. It worries me that the Olympics dropped wrestling as an official sport and has to be voted on its inclusion instead of a standard. The flat truth is, in a fighter’s game, wrestling is an important tool and should be combined with Brazilian jiu jitsu to have a solid ground game. There is no one better than Askren in terms of watching a modern wrestler at his finest.

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