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Alternative Training Techniques in MMA by Danielle DeVor

It is well known that Georges St-Pierre regularly trained in gymnastics as part of his training regimen. Anderson Silva has said in interviews that his childhood training in ballet and other dance forms helped his agility.

Is it a myth that dance helps fighting techniques? How could flipping on a bar help your game? What does putting your feet up over your head have to do with sports? Are any of these things something that could be a good addition to a fighter’s game?

In terms of gymnastics, you undoubtedly build your core strength. You develop balance and learn to use force to propel yourself in virtually any direction through strength, and in so doing, must be spot on in your adjustment of that force.

Ballet, on the other hand, while it also develops core strength, it aids in fluidity of movement, increased flexibility combined with balance, and discipline in terms of putting your body in precise positions and still maintaining posture.

Yoga, while it also helps with flexibility, it loosens muscles which enables the fighter to train harder and improve more quickly. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles which helps with recovery time and aids endurance.

My opinion? It never hurts to try something that may improve you abilities, but each person must decide with their trainers and medical professionals in terms of what’s best for them.

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