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864 FC Cancels March 2nd card & and shuts down promotion

864FC officially shut down their promotion on February 20th 2019. South Carolina MMA organization 864 FC was based out of Greenville SC. During their tenure they have had UFC hall of famer Stephan Bonnar commentate for them. They also did interviews with UFC fighter Kevin Lee before and after Lee’s brother competed at 864. They have been in the news recently for completely canceling their March 2nd title fight between Justin Scoggins and Justin Hollis. Pure Evil’s own Michael Lynch talked with Scoggins, to hear his take of the events that have transpired. Scoggins stated that ” The card was originally slated for Feb 2, and last second was moved to March 2nd a month later.” The new contracts were signed and Justin wasn’t told about the promotion shutting down until 9 days before the fight.

Its not abnormal for a business plan to not work and be scrapped by said business owner. What is messed up about the 864 situation is, they were promoting the fight with Scoggins up until February 15th, just 5 days prior to the shut down of the company. Tickets didn’t even go on sale until 6 days prior to the event canceling. People who have bought tickets online to the event have still yet to be refunded. They also just sold year long PPV passes to their fans. Then one month after selling these PPV passes, signed a TV deal and were said to giving out the PPV’s for free. The fans who bought these passes are outraged, most of witch have not yet been refunded. It is also said that they have not refunded any of the fighters for their camps, hotels, ect. Michael also spoke with UFC veteran Scott Ferrozzo about the 864 situation. Scott told us that “None of the fighters from the card right before the last one have been paid”. When asked to elaborate he said, ” Checks bounced”. Michael was not able to confirm this report with any of the fighters that indeed fought on that card.

While there are still some decent promotions in South Carolina, being Conflict MMA, and Warfare MMA. 864FC was by far the biggest and held the most talent. Most talented fighters in the state will more then likely start to branch out to Georgia or North Carolina. A big central attraction of the promotion was that it was in the upstate of South Carolina. Witch is also home to UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson. The person who got the shortest end of the stick is Ryan Hollis. Hollis fought two big fights to earn a chance to fight for the belt. He also signed a deal to give him the biggest pay day of his fighting career on the 2nd. 864FC has wasted the last year of Ryan Hollis’ career. In an interview with Coach D and the Wyld Crew, Hollis confirmed that the fight was originally for Feb and moved to March 2nd. He also says that part of his contract was that Hollis could not contact Coach D, and a lot of the other media around the SC area. Hollis felt like they were trying to black ball him away from the media.

Everyone here at Pure Evil MMA wishes all the fighters effected by this decision the best in their careers. We look forward to see you ladies and gentleman back in action in the future.

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