PURE EVil MMA Episode 200 With Harrison Adamo And Harris Bonfiglio

On the 200th landmark episode of Pure EVil MMA EVil Eddie is joined by MMA Fighters, Harrison Adamo And Harris Bonfiglio who train at Ultimate MMA in Connecticut.

They discuss the recent fights from UFC Phoenix between Cain Velasquez and Francis’s Ngannou that many thought ended in 2 different ways, Cain’s knee or Francis landing the uppercut as Cain came in for the takedown.

Also the rise of Bellator in the last few years and the potential of them gaining enough traction from fans to be neck and neck with the UFC. Harris Bonfiglio, Who has a win over Mike Kimbel discusses dealing with a loss and being careful about jumping into the deep end to soon.

Other Topics Include:

  • Is MMA a team sport?
  • Ben Askren vs Lawler
  • Keeping your head free of stress
  • Fake Tough Guys At Bars
  • Greg Hardy Fighting In UFC unacceptable
  • & MUCH MORE!
  • (Links Below)

    ‪📺YouTube: https://youtu.be/t1iRfyl3yCE

    ‪💽iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pure-evil-mma/id1187194228?mt=2#episodeGuid=PureEVilMMA.podbean.com%2Fpure-evil-mma-ep200-harris-bonfiglio-and-harrison-adamo-44a9f8c64490d7bb3a149f0b11a86d0d‬

    ‪📟Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6fl3EJCcIEtw5iro4PQjFz?si=ElOTq2PORwG_LCh0A_ALYA‬


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