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The Legend of Vitaly Minakov

When hearing the phrase “best heavyweight to not fight in the UFC”, most fans would say Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor is a legend of the sport and will always be considered one of the pound for pound greats. He went on a long 27 win streak in the prime of his career. The man most fans tend to look past is Vitaly Minakov. Vitaly is 21-0 is his MMA career in the heavyweight division. Although Minakov has 6 less wins then Fedor had during his run, Minakov is still 34 years old. He has a lot of time left in the gas tank and has proved that over his recent fight.

Minakov has notable wins in his career over UFC veterans Eddie Sanchez, and Fabiano Scherner. Also over Bellator vets Ryan Martinez and Ron Sparks. He knocked out up and coming UFC star Alexander Volkov earlier in the career. Vitaly has finished 19 out of the twenty one pro fights he has been in. 13 out of those 19 wins came inside the first round.

In a division like heavyweight most fighters would choose to stand and bang. Making it very hard to keep an undefeated record. Especially twenty plus fights into ones career. Needless to say we will see Minakov back in action this weekend and will see what the future holds for him.

In all honesty Vitaly Minakov should be in great consideration when it comes to best non american heavyweight in the word. We have seen Ben Askren be told he would never fight in the UFC, to him fighting in the UFC. This could see for a possibility to bring in Minakov if he is willing to leave Bellator. Bellator 215-216 will be taking place at the Mohegan sun arena this Friday and Saturday/.

Written By Michael Lynch

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