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MMA and PTSD by Danielle DeVor

A few years ago, I stumbled across a news article about veterans dealing with their PTSD by way of MMA, so I looked into it further.

Todd Vance, an Army veteran, who had trouble with PTSD uponleaving the military, discovered that as soon as he started going back to anMMA gym (He’d trained at one in high school) his symptoms lessened and he wasable to focus. MMA did something that none of the pills the VA hospital gavehim could—it gave him stability and calm.

The intense study of the techniques employed in martial arts gavehis brain something to concentrate on. So, he decided to start getting othervets involved. This turned into the non-profit organization, P.O.W. short for Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics.

Today, the organization providestraining and classes for veterans. Each program is catered to the particularveteran’s needs.

If you’d like more information or would like to donate, you can visit P.O.W. at

Professional journals, such as Psychology Today, are evenpaying attention:

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