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5 HUGE potential matches to make after UFC 234

It has been a couple of days since UFC 234 took place in Melbourne Australia. Despite this, the MMA community is still ablaze with varied analysis and opinions on the main event between Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya to which, the latter defeated the legend via unanimous decision. Many fans are now speculating as to not only what Israel Adesanya will do next after winning what Dana White had said in the pre-fight press conference was for  “No. 1 contender position”, but also what the legend Anderson Silva whom many fans speculate is in the twilight years of his career but is still determined as ever to continue fighting. As you can imagine, some of the biggest names in MMA have thrown their names into the mix and have been linked to share the octagon with one of the all-time greats. So we here at have collected all of these rumors and compiled them all into a potential list of matches that may be coming to a pay per view near you!

1. Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz 2

Although Anderson Silva may have fallen short against Israel Adesanya, he did show signs of his former self who is currently the longest reigning UFC champion in UFC history with an astounding six-year reign (2457 days to be precise) as Middleweight champion. And now with the legend at 43 years of age, the question of retirement will always be hanging over his head. It appears however that Silva has no plans of retirement as he laughed off the question at the post-fight press conference and is already planning on competing at the UFC’s upcoming show on May 11 in his hometown of Curitiba.

He not only seems to be planning on where he will be fighting next, but who he will be fighting against. In the post-fight press conference, he named Nick Diaz as a potential opponent for that card. Silva said that “I talked to Ed (Silva’s manager) and I talked to my team and maybe I think it makes sense, a fight with me and Nick Diaz in Curitiba. Let’s go see”. Silva and Diaz have already met in the cage back at UFC 183  four years ago to which Silva came away victorious but was overturned to a no contest when both Silva and Diaz tested positive. (Silva for anabolic steroids and Diaz for marijuana)

The last time we heard from Nick Diaz, he was rumored to face Jorge Masvidal on March 3rd, 2019 at UFC 235 but Diaz reportedly turned this fight down. According to Silva though, Nick seems to want to face Silva again as well. Silva said “I talked to Nick’s manager a couple of months ago about this fight and Nick say, ‘Okay, let’s go do it. Let’s go talk to Dana and let’s go do it.’” This is a fight a lot of fans have wanted to see a sequel to as they are two of the biggest icons of an era of the UFC and to watch them share a cage once again will be a spectacle for the influx of new MMA fans to enjoy.


2. Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 3

The Notorious Conor McGregor has never been shy on social media. Between the photos of his extravagant lifestyle, he often shares the odd tweet or two in reference to potential opponents he would like to face. One such of this nature came in response to Anderson Silva’s comments about facing Nick Diaz in Curitiba saying “Book it. I’ll fight Nate on it”.  A fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor would complete the long sought after trilogy fight between the two rivals that both fighters have staked an interest in. The last time Nate and Conor fought in the cage, the event drew a record-breaking 1,650,000 PPV buys only recently being beaten by Khabib vs McGregor at 2,400,000. Surely though, if Conor McGregor were to face Nate Diaz for the third time and be accompanied by the sequel to Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz, this record would be once again broken.


3. Anderson Silva vs Conor McGregor

Speaking of Conor McGregor, he not only called for a possible fight with Nate Diaz but to face the Anderson Silva! During the post-fight press conference, McGregor tweeted out complimenting him and signing off the tweet with the words “It would be an honor!” seemingly in reference to potentially sharing the cage with Anderson Silva. In response to the possibility of fighting Conor McGregor, Silva said: “First of all, I respect the champ; second, I think at this point in my career and in Conor’s career, it’s very interesting doing something special for the fans,”. Silva goes onto say that “I think the super fight, me and Conor, is very interesting. Let’s go see, the future inside the UFC is very interesting because everything changes fast. But I’m ready to fight again soon.”

Of course, a fight between two of the biggest UFC icons that helped put UFC on the map would be a dream come true for many an MMA fan. The only issue with this matchup is McGregor has never competed at middleweight and Anderson cutting weight down to welterweight is highly unlikely at this stage in his career. However, the possibility for a catchweight fight at 175 or 180 between the two icons is certainly something worth speculating about as it could be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

4. Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 3

The story of Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman will go down as the moment that the scope of Anderson Silva’s career, and arguably the UFC changed forever. With just nine fights on his record, Chris Weidman was facing one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. Many a fan and oddsmaker wrote him off but with one well-timed left hook, he defeated the seemingly undefeatable. Unfortunately, though, the highly anticipated rematch ended abruptly when Weidman checked Silva’s leg kick breaking his leg and leaving fight fans in disarray.

Now, having 6 years pass from their last encounter, a trilogy fight between the two could be on the cards. During the post-fight press conference at UFC 234, Dana White was asked about potentially making  Silva vs. Weidman 3  to which he said he would  “make that fight again”. However, it appears that Weidman has other ideas. Responding to a fan on Twitter asking on whether he would consider fighting Anderson for the third time, he simply responded with the word “Nah”. Although the former Middleweight champion did praise Silva on Twitter alongside this, it doesn’t appear that after two victories over Silva that he feels like a third fight is warranted. Despite this, the third installment between these two fighters will always be speculated on as the debate rages on between fight fans everywhere that it was down to Anderson’s cockiness that he lost the first time around and so it wouldn’t be surprising if he would want to rectify that mistake before he ultimately retires.


5. Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker

As previously stated, Dana White explicitly said that the matchup between Adesanya and Silva was for the “No. 1 contender position”. Despite this, the current champion Robert Whittaker was unable to defend his title against Kelvin Gastelum due to an abdominal injury which could have proved fatal if he had fought. According to estimates, he will be out of action for 4-6 weeks but potentially longer depending on the severity of his case. This means that both Gastelum and Adesanya have a claim to be next in line for the gold but with Adesanya’s huge rise in popularity and how high the UFC is on him right now, do not be surprised if Gastelum is overlooked for the arguably more marketable star.


But what matches would you like to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or direct message me on my Instagram ufc_news_official.

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