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The Bjorn Rebney Glove Design by Danielle DeVor

So, it occurred to me this morning over coffee that no onehad mentioned the Bjorn Rebney glove design in years. They were supposed toreduce broken hand injuries and eye pokes. Did that ever get proven?

The “Powerlock” glove design is still made by Everlast. There is no mention of Rebney on the site, which makes me wonder exactly how much he had to do with the glove’s creation. According to them, the design does all the things Rebney claimed, but I remember a few of the complaints about them. That they made grappling more difficult because of the forced curve. That you could still poke someone’s eye if you raised your arm.

Scientifically, you would have to do an actual study to seeif the gloves really did cut down on hand injuries. And, Bellator still usesthe gloves today. So, since Rebney has been gone from Bellator for a while, thecompany must feel the design helps.

In November of 2018, Joe Rogan said in an interview that theUFC was working on their own version of a glove to cut down on eye pokes, buthe was sworn to secrecy on them.

It will be interesting to see how these new gloves willcompare to the “Powerlock” design.

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