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10 questions with the #1 flyweight in the UK, Sam Creasey

By Myles Hutton.

I recently caught up with Cage Warriors contender Sam Creasey (10-2), to ask him 10 ‘quick fire questions’ regarding his MMA career and more. Sam is one of the UK’s hottest prospects, with his natural finishing abilities in all areas of MMA.

1. Why did you decide to start MMA and how old were you?

I began in a local MMA gym in 2009 I believe, I think I was 21 at the time when I went into the gym. I had finished playing rugby and was asked if I would be interested in coming down to try out a lesson. Long road since then!

2. How did you handle your nerves going into your first professional fight?

Nerves are natural as part of the build up to any fight or any sport involving competition, I used my experience as an amateur to help me control my emotions, I’ve done it before and face tough competition, it was just another fight and what I practice every day.

3. What is the best advice you could give to an amateur before their debut?

Take your time and enjoy the experience, pressure will come with competition and this is where a love/hate relationship begins in the sport.

4. If you were able to train with one current fighter and one retired fighter, who would they be and why?

I already train with some fantastic martial artists but if I had a chance I’d love to do some training with Mighty Mouse and GSP because I believe they are the most well rounded athletes the sport has produced. Of retired fighters, I’m lucky enough to have trained with Vaughan Lee on a regular basis for the last 6 years he is the ultimate martial artist and I’m very lucky to have met him at the time I did.

5. If you could change one thing in MMA, what would it be and why?

Love to add headbutts because I believe they are a legitimate technique and could be utilised really effectively in the guard and the clinch

6. In previous interviews, you have mentioned that being in the UFC is the main aim in your career. With the recent announcement of the Bellator ‘European Series’, does this make you think twice about whether the UFC is the promotion to fight for?

I think the ufc is the goal for most fighters who want to compete with the worlds best, the ufc is where the best athletes are, that may change and there have been some significant changes recently but currently they are the top promotion.

7. As a fighter, you are putting your body through serious pressure every single day. How do you make adaptations to your training so that you go into a fight at 100% and as strong as possible?

It’s a puzzle I’m still working out myself, I’m a little old school with my training and have always done too much so for now I’m trying to learn how to train for performance as opposed to grinding every day.

8. How did you bounce back from your first loss and what lessons did you learn from the result?

My losses have all made me improve as a person and martial artist, I believe if I had done things in those fights and the preparation correctly I would have won them

9. You have won some very tough fights in your career so far, earning your spot as the #1 flyweight in the UK but what has been your toughest fight to date and why?

Beating Kris Edwards in Wales in my Cage Warriors debut was pretty tough as a whole. I also had one hell of a fight as an amateur against tough judoka Danny Carr- both tested me mentally more than physically.

10. What separates you from all other fighters in your weight class?

I think it’s my well roundedness. I try to be comfortable everywhere but not specialise in one particular area and I think it has helped me a lot in my career.

Sam’s next fight is against tough veteran Andy Young at Cage Warriors 102 at the Indigo in the O2, London. A win vs Young would most definitely put him in line to challenge for the vacant flyweight title.



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