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Is Daniel Cormier going to retire?

UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has made it very clear to the media he would like to retire before his 40th birthday. His Birthday is March 20th and the only pay per view that is before then, is UFC 235 on March 2nd. 235 is already slated to have 2 title fights on the card and its not likely that they add a three with only a month to promote. Ruling out UFC 235 would only leave two options for Daniel Cormier. Does he retire on top of the world? or does he wait until April for his last fight.

If he retires, it would be on top of the world. At one time he held the light heavyweight and the heavyweight title at the same time. He then defended his heavyweight title since doing that. If he retires and leaves the game today he would still deserve to be in the “GOAT” conversation for a long time to come. He did great things for the sport and his only losses were to Jon Jones.

If he waits until April to defend his heavyweight title, he will probably be getting the biggest payday of his career. His ideal opponent would be the great Brock Lesnar. Who will need to pay the NSAC a 250k fine before returning to the UFC. He may also have a trilogy fight with Jon Jones at heavyweight this time. Although Jon beat Daniel twice already, most people say heavyweight Daniel Cormier is the best Daniel Cormier. It could be a completely different fight at heavyweight. Either way if he fought Lesnar or Jones again he would be getting the biggest payday of his time with the UFC.

If he does decide to return he would be risking his legacy in the UFC history books. Therefore Daniel Cormier has a lot of decision making to do in not a lot of time. Will he retire? Will he break his word and fight after his 40th birthday? Will the UFC add him to the UFC 235 card? All questions that need to be answered to determine what the future holds for Daniel.

Written By: Michael Lynch



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