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Ben Askren: Boring or Skilled? By Danielle DeVor

I’ve been following Ben Askren’s career since I saw him forthe first time on Bellator. His unusual body movement combined with top notch wrestling made him a hard man to beat.

As time went on, he proved just how dominant he was in wrestling compared to other competitors in Bellator, but the boos from the audience started to get loud.

There have been complaints for years that Askren is a boring fighter because he uses his wrestling to such a dominant degree. I disagree. If you come to an MMA event to watch only stand-up, then you have come to the wrong place (watch Muay-Thai).

Askren’s wrestling skills, so far, have not been matched in the sport. That is not to say that he has never lost a fight, understand. I’m saying that, from where I am sitting, we are watching a man execute wrestling the way Lebron James plays basketball.

So, keep that in mind when you are watching him fight Robbie Lawler on March 2. I know I’m looking forward to it.

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