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The Bantamweight Predicament

Most would assume Moraes would be next in line to fight for the belt, but with the current trend of champions immediately changing weight class to fight for another belt instead of defending their own has most likely tarnished that chance, after TJ went down to 125lb and lost to Henry Cejudo via TKO in just over thirty seconds, a rematch seems extremely likely between the two but this time for the 135lb belt.

After Marlon Moraes finished Raphael Assuncao in the first round in the main event of UFC Fight Night 144 Fortaleza, it came to my attention of just how mind boggling the current situation at the top of 135lb really is, with the #1 ranked guy (Cody Garbrandt) being finished two consecutive times by current champion TJ Dillashaw, & the #2 ranked fighter Dominick Cruz being plagued with injuries throughout recent years.

As a whole it affects the whole division from flourishing and prevents stars from being made, we are seeing numerous brilliant matchups which would normally grant them a title shot if a fighter wins such as Dominick Cruz vs John Lineker but both men were forced to pull out. 

Plus with additional fighters from 125lb having to move up after the entire Flyweight debacle, it makes you worry about the future of the bantamweight division, and what’s next for the majority of the top 10.

And it’s not only Moraes that is affected by this, in fact, some could say that before the Moraes fight Assuncao could have been given a title shot, after his strong performances over the likes of Rob Font, plus how he had already beaten Moraes before. 



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