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MMA, Cancer, and Hair by Danielle DeVor

Losing your hair to chemotherapy is one of the most traumatic things that happened to me over the course of my cancer treatment. You think you are on top of it, shaving your head down to the lowest setting on the clippers. But nothing prepares you for the moment when you are in the shower and suddenly you are covered in teeny tiny hairs. Mine fell out pretty much almost all at once. And what’s worse, your scalp is damn sore. For days.

So, with that happening, I became really focused on people’s heads. Particularly, other people who are bald or choose to shave their heads. Being a fan of MMA—I had no shortage of heads to look at since many fighters keep their hair super short or shave their heads.

I find myself, as my hair is now growing out, comparing my hair growth patterns to the shadows on fighter’s heads; trying to decide if my growth pattern is normal or not.

They don’t tell you that when your hair grows back, you look like you have male pattern baldness for a while. They also don’t tell you that your hair grows at different rates. Right now, I’m sporting “wings” like Paulie from The Sopranos—except short.

I have a feeling I will be paying attention to hair for a long while. Luckily, I’m more interested in the fights than my hair, otherwise I would really worry about my mental state.

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