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Yes you read that right! There is such a thing as having MMA Blue Balls and Mitch Raposo is currently struggling with this after his Pro MMA Debut for Cage Titans fell threw at 8am on fight day this past weekend.

Dubbed one of the top new prospects to keep an eye on by a handful of MMA news outlets, Mitch Raposo blesses us with a return to the program to share with Pure Evil MMA listeners his frustrations about his Pro debut falling threw on fight day and compares it to having Blue Balls since he was ready to explode inside the cage and put on another stellar performance full of fast paced energy and tells us he was even looking to score his first knockout in hopes of pleasing fans and making a mark to start his career off on the right foot.
With such a promising career its no surprise why fans and fighters alike were extremely let down this past weekend when his opponent was unable to compete despite the promoters doing everything in their power to find another opponent by that afternoons deadline by the commission and even offered to make the fight the very first bout on the card but unfortunately they had no success.
Raposo tells listeners how he felt waking up to that crushing phone call after putting in so much effort in his fight camp and weight cut. When asked about his plans are moving forward he tells us that he wants to get back in there as soon as possible and is ready to go at anytime. Also it is only right for Raposo to address one of the biggest headlines from the Cage Titan event with TUF 27 finalist Joe Giannetti’s fight that was called controversial by and UFC Vet Joe Lauzon. Check the full interview out below!



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