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‪James McSweeney Points Out Conor McGregors Biggest Changes In 2018!

In the last two years it seems a lot of fans have jumped off the McGregor train due to his loss vs Floyd and the most recent loss to Khabib at UFC 229 all while looking past the fact that McGregor is challenging himself by moving up a weight-class and trying his hand at boxing vs arguably the greatest boxer of our time.

James McSweeney, who’s best know from season 10 of “The Ultimate Fighter” and his run inside the Octagon, breaks down Conor’s biggest changes good and bad on his new podcast with EVil Eddie called GLOVES OFF.

Did Conor’s trip to the boxing world help or takeaway from his MMA skills? Was it smart to come back after two years and fight an active and angry Khabib? Hear what a real professional fighter has to say and what he has picked apart from watching McGregor in the last year.

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