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Anticipating Eddie Alvarez by Danielle DeVor

I first saw Eddie Alvarez on Bully Beatdown. I was struck by the way he carried himself and when I saw him fight in Bellator the first time, I was hooked. He had a raw energy back then that made him a joy to watch. Since then, he has become lightweight champion in both Bellator and the UFC.

From seeing him fight against Toby Imada to the wars he had with Michael Chandler, no one could deny that energy—which now included a certain finesse that great fighters develop as they mature in the sport.

Moving into the UFC, Alvarez did not disappoint, scoring wins over Gilbert Melendez, Anthony Pettis, Raphael Dos Anjos (which scored him the Lightweight Championship), and Justin Gaethje.

And, as you have probably guessed, I am looking forward to seeing what happens to him over at One Championship. He’s slated to fight Timofey Nastyukhin on March 31.

Nastyukhin, a fighter hailing from Russia with a record of 12 – 4, a hard striker with a no-nonsense attitude, seems like a good match for Alvarez.

With both men coming back from a loss, they have a lot to prove. Alvarez, more, I think, since this will be his first fight in a different organization.

I know what I’ll be watching on March 31. And, yes, I’ll be rooting for Alvarez.

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