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Being a Mayhem Monkey by Danielle DeVor

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Say what you want about Mayhem Miller, but one thing is certain. He has a knack for bringing people together. And, for some, it might be hard to believe, but it’s a positive bringing together of people. Namely, the Mayhem Monkey Kalt.

In case you are interested, there are both numbered and un-numbered monkeys. Kind of like a card for an old fan club. There isn’t a difference between the numbered and un-numbered monkeys except that the numbered monkeys are on a list somewhere.

My number is 107. I gained it for winning a mini-contest about posting the image of a shopping cart Christmas tree.

Before you get images of drinking kool-aid and the like, the Monkeys are a pretty normal bunch. We aren’t a cult. We are pretty much just a very large group of friends who love MMA. We’re from all walks of life. There are business professionals, radio and TV personalities, fighters, and authors (Me. I’m not even sure if I’m the only author. There are a little over a hundred people in the main chat alone on Facebook. There are numerous other chats and multiple groups.). Rich and poor. We’re all in it together. The Monkeys are a place of non-judgement.

So, how did following Mayhem Miller, who has been known for a very crazy, over-the-top life, end up bringing all of these people together? Well, I think it is a combination of Mayhem’s personality and undoubtedly, the Bully Beatdown phenomena. Certain people have a tendency to root for the underdog and honestly want to help others. And that is what the Monkey Kalt is all about.

It is beyond Mayhem, really. He, himself, has stated many times he is a monkey.

So, ultimately, the Monkey Kalt is a group of people who decided to join together to be something more than themselves. We’ve raised money for charities, we’ve helped people that were down on their luck. Mostly, though, we are a giant support system. We’ve tackled custody issues, mental illness, addiction, and a cancer diagnosis and battle (Me. Now in remission).

We aren’t afraid to go down into the trenches. The people who think we are mindless followers of Mayhem Miller have no idea what they are talking about. Mayhem is not a god. He is not our idol. He is a person who brought us together to strive to be more than ourselves.

So, if you didn’t know what the Mayhem Monkey Kalt was before, now you have a better understanding of who and what we are.

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